Saturday, April 12, 2014

Trip 6 includes a lot of work, Tomb Sweeping Holiday and a trip to Hangzhou

This trip found Kelly flying over with me.  On Sunday we walked around Yuyuan gardens and a few other places around town.  We had three weeks of meetings and she was here to help get the most important week kicked off.  

I celebrated my birthday on this trip at a dive bar with the team for a few hours.  The Americans stayed late but our Chinese colleagues returned to their families after a few hours.  Good food, Tiger beer, friends and being in a foreign city made for a memorable birthday.  

Henri, Nicole, Catherine, Meggie, Joyce, Rachel, Jenny and Qiyu

This trip put me in this huge nation over a Chinese national holiday called Tomb Sweeping Day.  I took advantage of the three day weekend to take a high speed train to Hangzhou.  This is just an hour ride from Shanghai train station.  With speeds of 300 Kmh and few efficient 5 minutes stops the ride goes by fast.  I moved my reservation to the West Lake sister hotel of the Kerry.  Hangzhou has been a popular Chinese tourist destination for centuries.  It is know for the miles of walking paths around its main lake as well as a National Park nearby.  There are public water shows as well as a night time show that rivals a D1sney production.  

I left the hotel at 6:30 AM to board my train which leaves at 8:17AM.  The usual 70 minute subway ride took nearly 90 minutes.  The crowds in the station were unexplainable, as I searched for the passport window to exchange my online ticket code for a real ticket.   Needless to say I missed my train.  After another 60 minute queue to change my ticket for the next available train which was in 5 hours.  I finally arrived in Hangzhou to find more people and no cabs.  My plan was to walk around the lake so  in necessity I walked to the hotel.  It was a bout a 3 mile hike with my backpack and my trusty 25 year old duffle bag.  Did I mention the crowds?

Little girl conducting the water spouts on West Lake in Hangzhou

Good day for wedding photos


I also rented a mountain bike for two hours and strolled around the west side of the lake.  I followed the other bicycles and it was an incredible ride.  It was like being a single fish in a school of fish just flowing around obstacles without any stress or rage.  The Chinese know how to move the masses without incidents.  I have yet to see an accident on a city street.  

Another great trip!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Technology Joke

Sometimes the dumb ones are the funniest-
A man received a text message from his neighbor...

Sorry sir I am using your wife ... I am using day and night ... I am using when u r not present at home ... In fact I am using more than u r using...

I confess this because now I feel very much guilty ... hope u will accept my sincere apologies...

Man went home and had a big fight with his wife.......

Few minutes later he received another text message...

Sorry Sir autocorrect mistake ... it's not wife but wifi...